Welcome to the NH Fish & Game Department Online Deer Registration Site.

Hunters have the option to register their deer at a physical registration station or online. Regardless of which registration method hunters choose, harvested deer MUST be registered within 24 hours. Beginning in 2023, hunters will NOT be required to register their harvested deer before taking another.

To facilitate the collection of biological data on deer, the online registration system will be unavailable for the first two days of muzzleloader season and the first three days of firearms season. Hunters will be required to register their deer in-person at a registration station during this time.

The deer tag must be securely affixed to the deer. Seals will no longer be issued starting in 2023.

Prior to starting the online registration process, hunters should have the following information readily available:

o   License/permit information

o   License plate number of the vehicle used while hunting

o   Town and Wildlife Management Unit where the deer was harvested

o   Sex of the deer

o   Age of the deer (adult vs. fawn)

o   Antler length and number of points (for bucks)

NOTE: Upon submission of the registration, a confirmation number will be issued.  You must print or save this information electronically as proof of completion of your online registration.

Online deer registration is intended for deer harvested with firearms or any type of bow and arrow.